Recon Roofing & Construction was founded with a vision to offer more to our customers. We all come from different backgrounds, but our core values align with helping people, being accountable, and doing the right thing.

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Listen with your mouth and speak with your ears. Or as BigJon says it Marine Corp style: "Eyeballs - Click Sir! Ears - Open Sir!" That's our philosophy. You are here because you're wanting to find out about us. Well, we are listeners. We want to know what your needs are first. Second, we will educate you about your options and our process. Then, we will follow up and follow through with the commitments we make. Some people talk the talk, we walk the walk. No project is the same and we truly want to earn your business and give you a great experience.

We continue to hear from our customers that not only we are on time for our meetings, but we are often the only ones who actually provide an estimate. We believe that our foundation is with the men and women that are in the field every day doing hard labor as well as meeting with customers and taking care of their needs. We pride ourselves in compensating our team better than other companies because we expect more out of them. If you're looking for a "deal" you will always get what you pay for and we are rarely the cheapest.

With a combined 21 years in the construction industry, our leaders have worked on projects ranging from fixing a leaky gutter to building multi-million dollar apartment complexes from the ground up. We also have technical and leadership experience in the technology, insurance, marketing, and financial industries to name a few. We're not just a team that knows how to swing a hammer, we're also sneaky smart. 

We also come from a military and law enforcement background one way or another and have a high appreciation for the sacrifices those men and women make for our freedom and safety.

We work hard and play hard. Summer hours you can often find us working sunup to sundown, including the weekends. Come winter time, we all like warmer weather and prefer to be outside. So we often vacation to warmer climates once our hard work has been completed over the warmer midwest months. We all have family which is very important to us and we all have hobbies and passions from playing and watching sports, to contributing to non-profit organizations and communities that we help rebuild. 

Our Leaders

We love building and restoring things for you!

Jerod Mollenhauer

Director of GSD (Getting Shit Done)

Senior Project Manager and Owner are his real titles but this guy works hard, like really hard. I'd guess that weekly he says he will sleep when he's dead. An Iowa native, he comes from a family that has been in public service and instilled a hard work ethic in him. Jerod owns two miniature humans who aren't so miniature anymore, a dog, and he is owned by his girlfriend.... He's surrounded by amazing ladies.


Jon Arrington

Big Jon

Just because Jon wasn't given the letter H in his first name, doesn't mean he is less of a man. In fact, Jon is a manimal. Towering in at 6'4", hailing from the Marine Corps and playing college football, this guy you just listen to. That's why he is our Director of Operations. He makes sure we have our "shit in one bag" and were "squared away".


Steve Bieghler

Sportsball Steve

A beard doesn't make a man, and neither does being a college baseball player... but it might help just a little. LOL! Steve has a passion for competitive slowpitch softball that takes him all over the country. He likes to compete in general - Whether its pickleball, badminton, bags, or tiddly-winks; this guy loves to compete, and win. 


Spencer Black

Spencer "The Caveman"

Yet another bearded, cap wearing, former baseball player, now competitive softball guy that has another team to represent... Recon Roofing & Construction. A family man who helps other families feel safe in their homes after damage or wear and tear. So don't be afraid when you see this big bearded neanderthal dragging a 2x4 or bunch of shingles thru your neighborhood; he does speak & he's there to make your life easier!


Derrick Pershall

Dad Joke Jedi Master

What kind of Roofer is afraid of heights?!?! This one! Yes, Derrick has a healthy fear of heights. Derrick joined the team for many reasons. But the opportunity to work with high quality leaders overshadows and enables him to overcome his fear. Derrick is also a licensed realtor who still sells lots of homes. His real estate knowledge makes him an ace in the hole to work with many of our realtors for our Realtor Program. Derrick is also a dad joke Jedi master. Anytime you need a disgusted smile or an eye roll on your face just ask him for a dad joke. Sometimes they are quite punny!


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