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"F Cancer" Recon Shirt

One of our amazing team members, Nick King, has been fighting an extremely difficult battle with cancer. We are trying to help anyway we can and this is a great way to help support Nick, his wife and 3 small children. All shirts are $40 and all monies made off shirt purchases will go to Nick's family. (Only hard cost will be $3 - $5 per shirt. CoinCo, our printing partner on this will be printing all shirts for free). 

See shirts below on left side, bottom.

These are pre-pay and pre-order shirts. We will print them in bulk in 30 days and ship / give them to you at that time. Thank you for your supporting a team member of Recon and his family.

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10/19/2020 UPDATE:

Our Recon Team brother passed away at 5:49pm Sunday nite. God got another awesome angel to play on his softball team. All our prayers and thoughts are with his wife, small children and family during this extremely challenging time. 

We are trying to help out the family any way we can, so please buy a shirt or a dozen. They say his name on it as well. Additionally, we have put a donate button option above as well. If you would like to donate funds to the family, 100% of contributions will go directly to Amanda King and his family. 

Feel free to share this with others on social media or how ever moves you. 

The "F Cancer" shirts were designed specifically for Nick. While he wasn't feeling up to being at the shop when they were unveiled to the team as a surprise, Nick was extremely surprised when told on the phone. He really loved our "F Cancer" team pics of the Recon Team and laughed and said "hell yah" when he saw them. Help us spread the word and support this awesome guy, father, husband, friend, teammate and Project Advisor all our customers loved!

Thank you,

Recon Roofing & Construction Team!

[email protected]